NEWSLETTER: Green Beer and Wedding Season Near

Last we wrote was just before a crazy snow storm hit the DC area called Snowzilla.  Unfortunately it canceled all our shows for the weekend, but left Sara with a mini-vacation as school was out for the entire next week.  Luckily we were smart though and tried out a new feature on Facebook called "Facebook Live", where for 30 minutes at a time were able to put on a live concert two nights in a row from our living room.  It was fun and helped our cabin fever as well as others with it.  We plan on doing another live concert on Facebook sometime down the road. 


St Patrick's Day Madness 

March isn't just for college basketball brackets.  It also hosts one of the biggest drinking days of the year where many people pretend they have Irish blood--St Patrick's Day.  Green beer will be poured, amateur drinkers will get their first taste of Irish Car Bombs, and for us, we have a couple shows to note: 

March 17th 6pm-1am 
McGinty's St Patrick's Day Celebration 
Silver Spring, MD 

For the 6th straight year, Brian will be hosting a lineup of five local artists all night long in the downstairs bar of McGinty's in downtown Silver Spring, MD.  We will be a part of the night playing around 7pm for a set.  The night also includes local favorites Jason Masi, Throwing Plates, and Andrew Burleson.

March 18th 10pm-1am 
Daniel O'Connell's 
Alexandria, VA 

As our trio with Shaun, this is bound to be an epic night and for the first time we'll play a few Irish rock tunes along with our blend of rock and pop upbeat tunes. 

Expect large crowds out both nights and we highly recommend Ubering to and from to be safe.  Hope to see you, Slainte! 


So You Put a Ring On It 

Over the past 3 years we've been getting more and more wedding inquiries and are up to having played around 15 weddings.  We have played ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions separately as well as playing all three for the entire wedding.  Our reviews are stellar because we make anyone's wedding about them and the type of music they want.  Plus we work very closely with coordinating entrance and exit music, logistics for setting up, and meet up with the client and any wedding coordinators or venues to go over all the details.  And yes, we do play same sex weddings for those wondering. 

If you or anyone you know got married and are interested in acoustic music for any portion of a wedding, you can reach us through our contact page for rates and more details on how we work. 


Thanks again for reading and this time next month we'll be taking a little vacation north to New England for a week for lobsta, brews, and wicked fun.  Til then, enjoy the last month of winter and we look forward to sharing a green beer with you! 

Much love, 
Sara & Brian

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