We came home to a WONDEFUL surprise this afternoon, and we need YOUR help with it! 
Deli Magazine is one of the top music blogs in the nation, and we were nominated to be featured in the DC/Baltimore edition!
Here is where you guys come in......
Head to and look on the right side of the screen. You'll see a list of local bands under the Artist of the Month Poll, along with links to hear their music. Below that is a 'vote' button, so go ahead and click on it and then vote for us! It looks like there can only be one vote per IP address, so make sure to vote at home AND at work! 
Please support local music and vote for FarAway to be Artist of the Month! 

State Fair, Nova BrewFest, and THE HAMILTON! 

Oh man, do we have some great shows coming up or what?! 
If you're wondering when you can see us again then make sure to check our 'Shows' page, but in the meantime we wanted to make sure you all knew about three great shows we have coming.
We were very excited when we were asked to play at The State Fair of Virginia this year! We will be there on the opening weekend, playing on Saturday, September 28th at 1:00pm. It would be amazing to see some familiar faces in the crowd, but we also hope to gain some new fans!
We will also be performing at the Northern Virginia BrewFest on October 20th at 1:45pm. This fall the BrewFest is at Bull Run Park in Centreville, and there will be tons of breweries there to participate in tastings! 

Last (and best) is going to be our performance at The Hamilton in Washington, DC. We will be opening for Carolina Story, a Nashville based duo who's music has been a huge influence on our writing lately. Please join us for any and all of these awesome events, and we hope to see you soon!

Come See Us! 

Even though things are starting to slow down for us you can still catch us twice this week at two awesome venues!
This Wednesday (8/14) you can see us early at the Renaissance Hotel in the DuPont area from 6pm-9pm. This is our first time playing there and we're pretty excited to be part of their RLifeLive Intriguing Events! Come hang out and give your ears a treat...we promise to have a drink with you afterwards!

On Sunday we are pleased to be part of the Dogfish Head Off-Centered Music Festival, which is a three day festival at the Fairfax Dogfish Head. We will be closing out the festival from 8pm-10pm on Sunday, August 18th, so be sure to get there early and grab a bite to eat while drinking your favorite Dogfish Head beer!

Tour Update!!!! 

 WOW! Have we been busy! Here is a recap of our tour so far :)

Richmond - We had an INCREDIBLE time playing on the Richmond CBS morning news! We got to play two of our songs off of our brand new EP, and everyone was super nice and appreciative of us being there! If you missed it, you can watch both performances here:
We also played a show at Globehopper Coffee while we were in Richmond and had a great time getting to play all of our original songs and catching up with some friends.
Durham - The second we drove into Durham it was like all stress disappeared and you just wanted to sit outside and enjoy the friendly people and gorgeous weather! We hit up two local coffeeshops to get some promo and work done, and then headed over to the Broad Street Cafe, which we had just found out was closing for good the day after our show there! The owners were amazingly kind and the business was great, but they all had day jobs and the restaurant/music venue was getting to be bit much for them. They assured us that they are being very picky as to who they sell it to and that music will definitely continue. That being said, our show was AMAZING. The audience was attentive, even with the restaurant atmosphere, and the band that played after us,
Surrounding Jericho, was very supportive and did a fantastic job. We're crossing our fingers that the new venue will be just as amazing!
Norfolk - Getting to Norfolk was, well, LONG. The drive should have been around 3 hours and it took us 6 hours! We didn't really think about the fact that it was the day before July 4th, but we made it in time for our show at Borjo Coffeehouse. We had some locals out to see us and some friends as well. It was a lovely coffeeshop with great food and local beer and we will definitely be back! After all, we DID promise a new fan that we would be back!
Charlottesville - We had an awesome time spending the July 4th holiday with Sara's family on their new boat, and fell in love with Milli Joe Coffee in downtown Charlottesville. Our show was well attended and we absolotely loved getting to share a show with our friends,
Shanna Hoar and Scott T. We got a chance to hear some other local bands, The Mockingbirds and The Winter Line, who had sweet harmonies and played lots of music that we loved!
Purcellville - We were very excited to add our favorite winery to our tour schedule. North Gate Vineyards has been VERY kind to us and we just love playing there! We sold some CDs, t-shirts, and even got to stay late to attend and play at our friend's wedding that was held there the same day. 

We're pretty exhausted, but the first half of our tour couldn't have gone better and we're excited for what's to come.


On Monday, July 8th, we will be playing LIVE on the radio in Knoxville. Lucky for you, you can listen to it LIVE by going here: and clicking on the "Listen Live" button. The radio show starts at noon (12pm) and there are usually two acts that play. Not sure if we will be first or second, but they always have stellar musicians so it's worth listening to the entire program anyway. 
On Tuesday, July 9th, we'll be playing at 8pm at the National Underground in Nashville. We'll be spending a few days in Nashville trying to get some inspiration for new songs and then we head to Johnson City to play at the Acoustic Coffeehouse on Friday, July 12th. 

Make sure to check out our Calendar so that you don't miss a show near you! 

I know this was the longest news post ever, so we will leave you with a quote from a recent review of our "Somehow" EP that was just released a few weeks ago.....

From reviewer FDAgfsdgj: "Though it's only 3 songs, there's a lot to like about the Somehow EP! There's a sweet charm to the songwriting and the track "Somehow" has an infectious hook that's hard to shake."

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